Dorian and Vlad are the ones who started it all. In terms of comic canon, Dorian is an extremely ancient and extremely tired vampire who wants nothing more than to relax with his husband and family.

Unfortunately, he is something of a political figurehead in the world of Ardas, so relaxation does not find him easily.


Vlad has always been Dorian’s backbone and is usually the brains of the pair. He is a fallen skrydi, but the loss of his wings does not mean the loss of his skill. He is easily the most skilled warrior in Mahiraya and is fiercely protective of his family.

Dorian may be considered a political figurehead, but Vlad is the true wit behind everything - he just prefers to let Dorian handle the politicians.


Vielle is the youngest of the Adele children, and the only human member of the family. Her parents often call her “sunshine” because she lights up whatever room she enters and easily brightens anyone’s foul mood.

Vielle doesn’t enjoy weapons training or politics like her siblings do; she would much rather spend her days baking.


Leo is by far the biggest smart ass in the entire family. While clearly having inherited his way with words from his father Vlad, he lacks any of the filters Vlad has. It often gets him into trouble, but his easy charm gets him out of it (almost) every time.

Like Dorian, Leo is a vampire. This really has had no impact on him whatsoever.


Kas is a wolf, and a pretty fucking giant one at that. While he has the skills and genetics to be an Alpha, he just does not have the energy to deal with that much bullshit. When he’s not lounging around or being a guinea pig for Vielle’s latest culinary creation, he’s usually holding Ada’s things while she kicks someone’s ass.

Kas is considered one of the middle kids in the family and he has run out of all the fucks to give.


Cesare is the eldest of the Adele kids and, like Kas, is a wolf and an Alpha. However unlike Kas, Cesare went on the lead his local pack and eventually become Alpha Rex to lead the united packs of Mahiraya. He’s a natural leader, well respected by each of the packs thanks to his honesty and compassion.

“Giant teddy bear” is an apt description of Cesare. This has been confirmed by Cesare’s husband Ryoichi multiple times, much to Cesare’s exasperation.


Officially, Mana is an advisor. Unofficially, he’s everyone’s friend with benefits. He is extremely comfortable in his own skin and flirts with anyone that will let him. He’s naked more often than not, except when on official business. Even then, there’s not a whole lot of fabric involved.

Mana is a deginti, but is special in that he has a third eye. It typically remains shut, but when it does open he is able to see the outcomes of certain situations or the growing bonds between people.


Basara is a wolf and the Alpha Rex of Nosovo. Unlike Cesare who was elected to his position, Basara fought for the title and that is how she earned her scars. Despite fighting for the title, she earned the respect of Nosovo’s packs and has never been challenged for her position. Basara is easy going, but is not afraid to assert herself if someone ever doubts her or her decisions.

She’s a popular figure with the pups and can often be found buried under a pile of them. If you ever have trouble finding her, just follow the sound of raucous laughter - she’ll be the source of it.


Azremeth is a war general renown for his brutality and ferocity on the battlefield. There is a tale of old that says his hair was stained red by the blood of those felled by his blade.