Ardas is the world that NOCTIVAGARI is set within. The regions are conveniently named after the directions on a compass rose:
NORTH - Nosovo | EAST - Esria | SOUTH - Saahatel | WEST - Wickmar | MIDDLE - Mahiraya | ABOVE - Atlas
Each region also has its own real-world influences for culture, language, and aesthetics.

Ardas is a very watery world, meaning that each region is teeming with ports and fleets of ships. However, Mahiraya is the one region that is more greatly focused on this culture at sea than any other region, being comprised of islands and split by expansive lakes and rivers.


As technology advanced and portals became more common, making it faster and easier to travel between the regions, a common language evolved across Ardas. Despite this, each region held on to their own specific dialects while adopting the common tongue. The following dictionary lists a few common terms in the common tongue, as well as region-specific dialects.


Raja / Rani - King or Queen


Malsani Gra - “Great sickness,” used to refer to Dorian (and sometimes his family) after the atrocities he committed

Matrosi - A collective term for anyone who works on a ship


Zhritsa / Zhritsy - Guardian; used to refer to the person leading Nosovo. Like a King or Queen


Cantai - Expansive marketplaces, large enough to be considered their own cities

Kavalar - A general term for the crown of Saahatel


Masnach - Traders who travel across the world gathering goods to sell


Alpha Rex - The reigning wolf of any region. Considered the Alpha of all Alphas

Caster - A Noctivagari who does any kind of magic. This includes witches, illusionists, healers, etc

Council - The collective of Ardas’ leaders who join together to make decisions

Deginti - Specifically, the horned Noctivagari from Atlas

Noctivagari - An umbrella term for anything that is not purely human

Shifter - An umbrella term for the Noctivagari who can shift between a human and animal/animal-like form

Skrydi - Specifically, the winged Noctivagari from Atlas

Underground - Noctivagari safehouses placed in each region, now acting as Capitals